PPSR Searching

What is a PPS Search?

A PPS Search is a search of the PPS Register (PPSR) for "security interests" against a business entity, or individual. Sourcing credit information helps to assess the level of financial risk.

Why do I need to do PPS Searches?

There are many reasons:

  • The PPS Register holds the details of security interests. Searching the register can provide information about the security interest, which can help influence business decisions.
  • This information includes the Secured Party Group details, Grantor details and other relevant information about the type of property, or line of credit, recorded on the PPS Register.
  • Certain assets, such as Motor Vehicles, may have a security interest registered against them. It is important to be aware of this security interest before purchasing these types of assets.
  • When deciding whether to offer, or extend, commercial credit to a customer, a search of the register can reveal important information about the customer’s existing obligations.
  • When buying a business, searches can provide a list of current secured creditors.

Why is the Creditworks system better?

PPS Searches can be done directly through the PPSR website. However that site has a cumbersome and slow nterface and requires payment by credit card. In contrast the Creditworks system offers the following features that are not available on the Government PPSR website:

  • Validated Searching (ie a validation of ACN/ABN before search)
  • A summary result page that actually has useful information on it including the Secured Party Group
  • Automatic background downloading of all search certificates and attachments
  • The ability to download multiple search certificates in one click as a single PDF file
  • The ability to download a zip file containing the PDFs of certificates and attachments as individual files
  • All search certificates and attachments are stored with your search result indefinitely thus allowing you to retrieve a search certificate or attachment (as it was at the time of the search) days, weeks or months after the search was done without incurring extra cost
  • A single monthly invoice (ie no need to pay for each search as you do it)

Why should I choose Creditworks?

With multiple credit information services in one convenient location, we make it easy and quick to register, search and manage all of your PPS needs. It’s the simplest way to protect yourself, and your business, against the credit risks of trading in Australia.

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