PPSR Registering

Why do I need to register for a PPS?

A PPS Registration is the legal method to secure your "rights" (and maintain priority) over your goods. Not having a registration means the goods are classified as "unsecured". A PPS Registration helps you minimize credit risk.

Registering protects your interests

The Australian government’s decision to create a national Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) carries significant implications for every business in the areas of credit risk management and financial security. Creditworks’ end-to-end solution is designed to make your business PPSR compliant fast.

This helps:

  • Credit managers to cleanse their customer database, verifying the integrity of each debtor record
  • Businesses to register security interests
  • Secured parties, purchasers and other interested parties to search the register for current security interests on an item of property

Ongoing PPS Management

We keep it simple by offering a user-friendly portal to the PPSR website. The Creditworks PPS Management Portal is a tool that simplifies and facilitates the management of all PPS related activities including amendments, discharges and registration of new and ongoing PPS interests.

The PPS Management Portal also:

  • Makes it easy to register new accounts as they are opened
  • Sends reminder alerts for renewal of expiring registrations
  • Makes de-registration after termination of trade (or upon debtor request), a very straight forward exercise
  • Provides visibility of the customers that are registered, and the ones that aren't, with debtor tracking, including those the business has elected not to register
  • Provides instant search capabilities, to find customers or account numbers
  • Offers reporting, both internal and regulatory, and provides access to all registration details in a downloadable format

Why is the Creditworks system better?

PPS Registrations can be done directly through the PPSR website. However that site has a cumbersome and slow interface and requires payment by credit card

  • Entering PPS registration data is streamlined to the extent that in some cases dozen's of registrations can be done in a single easy to use screen with minimal data entry
  • Offer bulk upload and data cleansing capabilities of customer records to ensure valid registrations
  • Provide visibility of grantors (customers) and corresponding registrations
  • Offer search capabilities within the PPS Management Portal
  • Enable you to download CSV files of grantor information and registration details on demand
  • And we can store your PPSR verification statements for you
  • We can help set up and manage your Secured Party Group (SPG)

Why should I choose Creditworks?

We make it easy to manage this process on an ongoing basis. With access to government databases, credit assessment reports and risk alert monitoring services, Creditworks takes the hassle out of protecting your assets and managing risk.

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