Automated Credit Application & Decisioning

End to End Credit Automation in Australia

Faster & more efficient onboarding of new customers with improved risk management integrity

Creditworks provides automation tools for organisations seeking to reduce operating costs and improve decision speed, by streamlining and improving the efficiency of the credit application process.

Using our CA-Edge digital credit application platform coupled with our New Trade Enquiry (NTE) platform, you will streamline the end-to-end administration of new credit applications, and the process of reviewing existing credit account limits.

Creditworks' credit management solutions enable your business to achieve an improved turnaround from customer application to decision; from sales enquiry to account. A faster new account application approvals process enhances new customer relationships, builds an impression of efficiency and sets the foundation for effective ongoing credit risk management. Web-enabled decisioning systems represent best practice and allow the business-critical players within an enterprise to collectively agree on decisioning rules and apply a process which reinforces the organisations credit and risk management policy. Creditworks’ proven platform applies a consistent approach to effectively manage risk decisions, achieving greater user, and applicant, satisfaction.

Maximise your competitive advantage by out-performing your opposition on this key business process, improve the speed at which you safely onboard new customers helping to grow your market and do so with enhanced risk management integrity.

Electronic credit application (form) platform

Creditworks’ digital credit application form platform (CA-Edge) is a purpose-built web based solution which streamlines the application process by doing away with paper based new credit application forms. In doing so, CA-Edge enables you to implement business process improvements and generate risk management efficiencies.

CA-Edge is a proven electronic application form system that:

  • Eliminates incomplete applications – often a problem for credit / branch management
  • Improves 'time to credit' therefore enhancing customer service and facilitating business growth
  • Improves internal resource efficiencies by customers completing applications electronically
  • Facilitates closer cooperation, efficiencies and visibility in the credit-to-sales cycle
  • Improves data integrity via more accurate and complete application information
  • Streamlines the information gathering and risk management procedures

The CA-Edge system represents a best practice automated credit application and risk management solution, with high-level process efficiency and risk management integrity.

For more information on Creditworks’ CA-Edge, please contact us.

Automated credit decisioning platform

Creditworks' New Trade Enquiry (NTE) platform has been developed to assist organisations large and small to achieve high integrity and automated credit approval efficiency. NTE provides a workflow which completes the end-to-end automation process based on a customised rules or score based decisoning engine and which also integrates with a PPSR registration process. It applies a consistent framework around risk evaluation when granting credit to new accounts.

The rules engine incorporates the exposure levels and risk mitigation profile that best fits each user’s business requirements. NTE workflow includes recommendation and sign-off functions, plus documented output. It generates more consistent, reliable and measurable automated decisioning within the application assessment cycle.

Best practice data validation, scoring and reporting provides an efficient platform that key internal managers complete the decision process within rules set by the business.

NTE is customisable to reflect your credit management requirements by incorporating any of the following modules:

  • QA Audit - Quality Assessment of Credit Application
  • Financials inputs - facility to capture financial data (when available) and upgrade assessment to Investigative Financial Report
  • Authority Hierarchy - Multi-Level Approval Matrix to allow Credit Officer and Credit Manager level Approvals
  • Customer Correspondence (Letters) - Generate customised letters and various forms of communication to internal and external (customers) stakeholders.
  • CRM Integration - ability to send invitations to new prospects from a sales CRM.
  • ERP Integration - Offline Existing Account Check, Generic Upload
  • Branch Management - Ability to direct and manage applications per business Branch/Division

NTE, when integrated with the CA-Edge platform provides the most efficient, comprehensive, cost effective, high integrity credit application processing platform in the Australian market.

For more information on Creditworks’ NTE, please contact us.